Vintage Rosewood Executive Desk by Arne Vodder for Sibast, 1960s


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This excutive desk is a beauty from each angle you look at it. Designed by Arne Vodder for Sibast, the table top has been refinished but still shows coloration due to age and sunlight. It still looks amazing. The desk is in a very good condition consistent with age and use. Unfortunately no keys available.

dimensions:w 204 cm, d 90 cm, h 72 cm

Peder Olsen Sibast opened a small furniture factory in the countryside in the Kolding region of Denmark in the early 20th century, and in the timeperiod his son Helge was born. Helge learned the trade from his father, took over the business and started expanding. At its peak in the 1960s, Sibast furniture was an international company with over 120 employees Sibast worked with top designers of the time such as Arne Vodder, Johannes Andersen, Peter Hvidt and Helge Sibast also made beautiful designs. But Sibast and Vodder are inextricably linked. Although Sibast had several designers in-house, it was mainly Vodder who left his mark on the distinctiveness of Sibast.