Sold Delft the Netherlands// Vintage Chinese Tang Pegasus Horse Figure

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Unique rare find Pegasus Tang style horse. The Tang Horse comes from the Tang period (A.D. 607-960) and is famous for its energetically modelled and brightly coloured and were used as tomb figurines, many true tang horses hold the smell of rotting corpses. Made from low-fired earthenware and intended exclusively for burial, these original charming horses have become immensely popular. In their own day, however, they were neither at the forefront of ceramic technology nor highly regarded by collectors or connoisseurs. The almost transparent Sancai glaze has been used in China since the Tang dynasty. The colours are applied loosely, even carelessly and the runny glaze runs in drips when fired in the kiln.
This one was probably made in the last century.

dimensions: h 36 cm, w 25 cm, d 14 cm