Very rare modular Royal series wall unit in teak by Poul Cadovius, Denmark, 1960s


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This unit has four of the rare free standing mounting pillars that can be used as a room-divider. The pillars are clamped between floors and ceiling, in the top is a coil spring that presses the pillars tight against the ceiling.

Extensible high from 242 cm to 256 cm. Maximum height 2.56m, if your ceiling is higher you can solve it with wooden blocks, for example. The minimum height is 2.42m.
No screws or other mounting materials needed. The unit is modular so it can be arranged as wanted or expanded with other cabinets and shelves from the Royal series.

4 poles, 4 cabinets (one with lock and original key), 7 small shelves, 6 large shelves and one x-large shelf that can also be used as a desk . The components can be interchanged and placed according to one’s needs and desires and can be used for many different purposes. An extremely versatile and practical arrangement for your home or office.

dimensions: h 242 cm , w 242 cm, d 82 cm