SOLD Cambridge, UK // vanity dresser, dressing table by Cees Braakman for Pastoe, 1950s

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  1. Dressing table or make-up table, designed by Cees Braakman for UMS Pastoe, 1950. Dressing table with bent plywood legs. Two drawers and in the middle a unit that can be opened with a mirror. Lots of place for make up. Would be a great addition to your bedroom.

The EB01 is the more familiair model of vanity dressers from Braakman for Pastoe, made in birch. Re-editioned so not as rare as this model.
This model is from the oak series, a series that consistent of cupboards, drawers and this vanity table, all made in oak.

A rare beauty, with the elegant and clean lines that Braakman is so known for.

At one time painted white, the dresser has been restored into its original state, with the patina that shows its age. Both sides have some chips of its veneer.

Height: 76 cm / 29.92 inch
Width: 120 cm / 47.24 inch
Depth: 48 cm / 18.9 inch