SOLD Vannes France // PSR-130 Teak and rosewood highboard by Marten Franckena for Fristho, 1962

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PSR-130 highboard designed by Marten Franckena for Fristho in 1962.  This highboard is made of Rosewood veneer and has beautifully crafted details with a high finish. This highboard is marked with the Fristho label. Condition of the highboard is very good with some small repairs on the round knobs. See photos. Fristho Franeker was founded in 1920. In 1945 Arnould Jean Baptist Merckx (1912-2006) succeeded his father as director of Fristho. After the difficult reconstruction years, he decided to make furniture that fitted in the “mid-century modern” style. With designs by, among others, the American William Watting [2] and the Danish Inger Klingenberg [3] and with the collaboration of Kho Liang Ie and Wim Crouwel, he consistently opted for Scandinavian and contemporary design. Bron: Boek Fristho 1921-1978, Bert Looper, pagina 89. Dimensions h x b x d = 130 x 202 x 45 cm.