Pendant lamps designed by Nanny Still McKinney Raak light architects , Dutch design hanging lights from the 1970s


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This pendant lamp by Nanny Still McKinney, is in Excellent condition.

Nanny Still-McKinney (1926-2009) studied at Finland’s Central School of Arts and Crafts in Helsinki. This design, which has been produced in a variety of shapes, sizes and (glass) colors, is technically fascinating. Instead of using separate glass inlays to cover the holes, Still has used the patinated copper shades as a mold for the optically blown glass interior.

5 lamps available. Nice for in a dining area or hallway. They would also be perfect for a bar or small restaurant.

Height = 22cm / 8.7 inch
Diameter = 16 cm / 6.3 inch

The lamps have an E27 light socket.

Price per lamp