Sold Paris France // Midcentury Modern Ceramics from VEB Grafenroda, East Germany, 1960s / 70s, Set of 4

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Vintage 1960-70s 4 vases by VEB Grafenroda, an East German pottery. 2 with a shape that resembles an inkwell, but larger. 1 bottleneck shaped and 1 that is low and wide and stands on a foot . Black underglaze continues onto inside and base of piece. Exterior has horizontal ribs that resemble a hand-thrown pot. Black glaze tops the ribs, while an aqua/turquoise glaze rests in the valleys and allows some of the black to show through. Quite striking! All with form number/height in centimeters on base. dimensions: 2 pots h 12 cm, d 13.5 cm. bottle h 30 cm, d 11.4 cm. wide pot h 12 cm, d 20.5 cm