**Sold, Vienna, Austria–Mategot (attr.) for Artimeta Perforated Backlit mirror from the 1950s

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Fantastic round illuminated mirror produced in the 1950s. Gives very nice and warm light when lit. It is assumed in general that this is a design of Mathieu Mat├ęgot and produced by Artimeta in Soest, the Netherlands.
This piece is composed of a concave perforated metal circular frame and mirror. The mirror conceals three lights that radiate light into the perforated metal frame, illuminating patterns onto the wall on which it is hung. The once gold lacquered metal rim has a beautiful patina. Gold has faded but that makes the mirror more beautiful. No chips or cracks on the mirror.

Measurements: diameter: 17.12 in. (43,5 cm), height: 2.36 in. (6 cm).