SOLD Sydney, Australia / Hala desk lamp model 144 designed by H. Busquet

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This lamp is a beautiful combination of grey green varnish and chrome/nickel, and is a design by Herman Busquet (1914–1977). Because of its design, quality and functionality, this is still a popular lamp among the lovers of design lighting. The offered lamp is an old version with the particularity that the switch is still located in the arm of the lamp.

In the 1930s, this lamp was first manufactured as model 144. Influences of Bauhaus and Art Deco are clearly visible and thanks to its timeless design, this lamps still has a modern appeal.

The lamp is in very nice vintage condition with some very small dents, only to be noticed when you observe the lamp closely and some peeled varnish of the arm of the lamp.

A Hala lamp is a value-fixed product that retains its charm and appearance. The ‘Busquet’ table lamp is now a well-known classic and a good example of the timeless character of Hala lighting. The beautiful minimalist designs are loved by collectors and enthusiasts and often find a second life as collectors item.

Measurements: H 45 cm, Ø shade 30 cm, Ø foot 18 cm.