Francois Azambourg for Cappellini, Set of 4 “Mr. Bugatti” chairs


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<span;>A set of 4 Mr. B chairs by Cappellini in good vintage condition. One of the chairs has a small dent in the setting area, see photo.

<span;>Mr. B, from Cappellini, is a sheet metal chair designed in 2006 by the French designer François Azambourg: a statuesque and incisive shape. François Azambourg was inspired by the Italian passion for fantastic racing cars. Collection composed of thin sheet metal chairs, injected with foamed polyurethane, and painted in gloss red. Cappellini has been a leading Italian producer of furniture since 1946, and is known for its influential designers in a unique building.

Dimensions: h 80 cm, d 52 cm, w 34.5 cm, seat h 44 cm