SOLD, Seoul South Korea/ by J.P. Emonds-Alt for Meurop, 1970s

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SOLD  Seoul, South Korea //

Eden service tray by J.P. Emonds-Alt for Meurop, 1970s

A gorgeous mobile table in Space Age Style or even a Barbie Style.

Get the bottles, the icebox with gin and don’t forget glasses with salty edges – or sugary of course. Bring straws (paper ones mind you!) because it’s cocktail time!

It goes without saying that you can also use this table for a more civilized purpose: the tea party. Scones, jam and lots of sandwiches and – lest we forget – the tea with milk and slices of lemon.

Whatever you decide, you need this table and every party will turn into a fiesta!

The bar table is made of plastic and chromed metal.

Measurements 50 cm x 63 cm height is 62 cm.